The Age of Aquarius

397706_10200121524391423_345826414_n X-Country Ski (-4 degrees) in Saranac Lake, NY with Sue.

photo Kagey and John sipping something tasty.

68927_10200106981707865_523286951_n Snowshoe up Baker Mtn in Saranac Lake.

photo-3 Post-neighborhood run euphoria.

photo-5 Charlie Brown Xmas Tree courtesy of Grandma Parrish.

photo-1 Fall leaves in November.

photo-4 Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.  So good.  So bad.

photo-2 Ginko Earrings on Jeff.

385308_10200121525191443_1119225018_n First time X-Country Skiing.  Fell down 4 times.


Charlottesville Sunset.