Singing Songs of Joy and Peace

Dear Friends,

There are so many people, places and things we’re inspired by right now.  We just got the new Jody Stecher album in the mail that we cannot wait to dive into.  Our new favorite duo is quickly becoming Anna & Elizabeth.  Sonny Rollins, Miles, Neil and Mike Seeger continue to play on through our record player.  Uta Barth has replaced Robert Frank on our coffee table.  I’m photographing more.  Kagey is writing short stories and poetry.  We’re really happy to be creating space for more art and songwriting.


Anna & Elizabeth make beautiful crankies and weave stories and ballads within their performances.  They’ve finally made a record called “Sun to Sun” that we haven’t been able to take out of our CD player.

Uta Barth’s photography.

After the Gold Rush.

This happened a year ago.  We got to see the dome room upstairs in Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello with the Sibleys for the first time and we couldn’t help but sing a little.  Just to leave our “footprint,” so-to-speak, in a place of such invention and history.  It was magical.


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