Please Please Me

A little under a year ago, we spent 6 weeks in the northeast touring around and visiting friends along the way.  Our buddy Caleb was living in Brooklyn for a month to be in a play about the life and times of Woody Guthrie and we decided to stop through for a night to catch up and play tunes.  We spent the better half of the evening pulling out every Beatles’ song we knew and then discussing why life is made better by their music.  It was decided by 2am that we should pick an album and play it first song to last at a show sometime.

Fast forward 9 months- we just finished up 2 weeks of touring house concerts and a few public venues with Caleb performing our original material together and ending the night with a surprise set of all the songs from “Please Please Me,” the first Beatles’ record.  It may be that our lives changed for the better, learning these songs.  They got us to think outside of our small duet box and also we learned to have so much fun while performing them.  Each person took a big leap into the unknown.  Caleb played fiddle and harmonica on several tunes, Kagey abandoned his shoes for most of the performances and sang solo on many of the songs and I clogged my little heart out during one of the fiddle tunes.  Do you get the picture?  Fun times.

It was also 2 weeks of 3 good friends having a great time in the many places we played.  We ate great food, got out and exercised, visited many a pool and enjoyed discussions on life and happiness.  A new brand of hummus was also born out of this trio- “Kagey’s Kuntry Hummus.”  More on this later as the product is developed and tested (but it does already have its own jingle!)

August was an incredible month and we were sad to say goodbye to it.  As always, we look forward to the changing of seasons, turning inward and getting into our creative spaces a little more as the weather gets colder.  We hope this blog finds everyone well.  Thanks for reading!

Sweet As Honey:

1.  All of our house concert and venue hosts!  This tour was a blast and y’all made it so special.  Thank you!

2.  Salt-water pools.

3.  Hotel Moore.  Our favorite Baltimore pad.

4.  All the audience dancers during “Twist and Shout.”

5.  Grandma & Granddaddy singing along to our songs.

6.  The Potters, who coined “Chipotle Gringo and Choctaw Slaw” as new nicknames.

7.  Catawba- another excellent, creative stay in a beautiful place.

8.  The epic jam at Scott’s & Stan’s place.

9.  Barry & Ashleigh joining us on stage in Baltimore.

10.  The moment when “Kagey’s Kuntry Hummus” became a reality.

Snippets of our show from Oakland, MD.  A little clogging, a little Beatles.  Thanks to Dan for the video!

Our first Baltimore appearance in August with Ken and Brad Kolodner.  A really fun night!

House Concert in Greenwood.  Photo by Karen Wortman.

VA Beach!  Photo by Katy Larkin.

“Ashokan Farewell” near Baltimore.  Photo by Genie Moore.

Hanging with Baby Lloyd in Oakland, MD.  Photo by Dan Schlattman.

Watching Alison Krauss and US at FloydFest.  Photo by Barry Lawson.

Mid-morning juicing!


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