The Whole Love

June has just flown by right before our eyes and it was a month chock-full of wonderful shows, the release of our album everywhere and plenty of good food and hiking too.  Before the heat wave set in on Virginia, we enjoyed the last few days of spring in the Blue Ridge hiking with Barry and his dog Lily and taking some much-needed rest from the road.  This included movie nights with friends, dinner/wine parties in the valley, yoga and especially enjoying the outdoors while we still could before the bugs and sweat set in.

June was a big month of celebration too.  It was only 3 years ago we quit our teaching jobs to hit the road full-time and we haven’t looked back since.  Also, this blog celebrated 3 years!  We remember the days of writing about every single show and scrap of food we consumed on our trips.  Feel like taking a trip down memory lane?  Here’s a goodie.

Just to fit everything in for the month, we revert back to our Sweet As Honey list- started mostly to document the highlights from our gigging.  Enjoy the photos below and thank you all again for being a solid rock in our musical lives- your support over the years means more to us than we could ever write.

Sweet As Honey:

1.  Meeting the Kruger Brothers at the Strawberry Park Bluegrass Festival in CT.  Jens Kruger complimented Laura on her banjo playing- eek!!!

2.  Playing the beautiful Pocahontas County Opera House in Marlinton, WV w/Doc Lawson.

3.  Hiking the Mau-Har Trail just off the AT with friends and swimming!

4.  Red June CD Release Show in Asheville- a super fun night with our sweet friends!

5.  Our show at the lovely Hanesbrands Theatre in Winston-Salem.  Folks in the audience couldn’t have been nicer- thank you.

6.  Appalachian Voices show in Charlottesville- getting to meet/hear Kathy Mattea and sharing the stage with some great musicians.

7.  NYC for a night, Laura’s first cab ride, Ihor & Marisha- our wonderful, sweet hosts!

8.  Camp time with Jeff and Sue. Beach time with the Parrish’s and Worth.  Kayaking, swimming, trampolines!

9.  Devon & Dejah Leger over at Hearth Music who’ve poured themselves into promoting our record.  Thank you both so much!

10.  All of the amazing Folk DJs out there who continue to support independent musicians and who know all the ins and outs of the Folk community.  Y’all are some special people and dear to us.  Thank you for playing our record.

 Foggy Mtn Top w/Red June in Asheville, NC.  Photo by Kim LaViolette.

Laura is carrying Red June apples!

There’s only room if the bass sleeps in the shower…

Beautiful sunset in Swoope, VA.

Dinner and drinks with the Webbs and Daltons in Swoope.

Singing John Prine’s “Paradise” with Trent Wagler at the App. Voices show.  Photo by Jamie Goodman.

Final song with everyone including Kathy Mattea, Daniel Martin Moore and App. Voices crew.  Photo by Dot Griffith.

Our view outside the B&B in Hobart, NY.

Serious Jeff with Kagey in background canoeing and kayaking on Bigsby Pond.  Photo by Sue Bibeau.

@ the Living Room in NYC.  Photo by John Cloyd Miller.

The Hembree Clan (aka 3 Penny Acre) sports our sticker on their touring vehicle!


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