Ragged and Real

It’s hard to believe June is upon us!  We’ve been busy getting ready to launch the new record and playing all kinds of shows that we’ve neglected to update our blog.  We almost didn’t have one for the lovely month of May!  Since we last saw you here, we’ve finished up the CD, played a number of shows up and down the eastern seaboard and we’re finally ready to release Silver Lining into the world tomorrow.

There is so much to reflect on from this past month and a half:  We drove 1,000 miles in one day just so we could get to see the Matt Flinner Trio perform near home.  We couldn’t pass it up and we’re die-hard fans.  We mastered our record in Baltimore the following weekend.  Nick Sjostrom poured over every soundbyte and moved from digital to tape and then back to digital all in one weekend to perfect the new record.  Jeff and Sue traveled over a thousand miles to help us complete everything and then tour with us for a few shows in the northeast.  We finally met another hero, Bruce Molsky, in RI.  Portland, ME and our dear friends Landace and Jed played host to us for several days where we stuffed ourselves with as much delicious food as we could afford.  The new record came in the mail and we packaged up all the preorders and sent them off!  Our car was broken into and robbed on a Saturday in Boston.  On Sunday, a lovely lady called to let us know our stuff had been dropped off in her yard (sans microphone but everything else in tact).  Another beautiful time in our favorite little northern town, Saranac Lake.  Folk Alley previewed our record for a week- woot!  We played 2 lovely, lovely CD Release shows in VA at Mockingbird and The Southern! Barry came on a weekend tour through DC and MD….. you get the picture, we’ve been busy and happy.

Matt Flinner Trio in Palmyra, VA.

Homemade cherry pie from Mama Parrish.

Caleb listening to the final masters.

Nick Sjostrom working his magic in the studio.

Bruce Molsky at Lilypads in RI.

Putting together preorders for the big mailing!

Playing at the Corner Store in DC with Barry.  Photo by Jonathan Harmon.


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