Soul Journey

Oklahoma Skies.

Hotel Conditioner in Dallas, TX.

Little piece of home.  Huss and Dalton instruments at Fiddler’s Green in Austin, TX.

Just north of Santa Fe, NM.

Ken (our gracious host) and Kagey in Dixon, NM.

San Francisco Peaks heading toward Flagstaff, AZ.

Snow Storm leaving Prescott, AZ.

Off the plateau where the snow ends and desert begins.  AZ.

Pete Sibley.  After dinner/sunset stroll in Monterey, CA.

Tasty produce from Full Belly Farm and Skyelark Ranch in the Capay Valley, CA.  Carrots held by Miss Melody Walker in Richmond, CA.

Fresh Rosemary and Heather given to us by a concert attendee in Olympia, WA.

Snuggle time with Laura Brown and Brewer in Boise, ID.

Mt. Sopris.  Carbondale, CO.

Leaving Carbondale, CO.


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