Silver Lining

Silver Lining Album Cover. Photo by Jack Looney.  Design by Sue Bibeau.

Sweet as Honey:

1.  Pre Orders have begun for our new album, Silver Lining.  Visit our Website for details and HUGE thanks to Doc Lawson for maintaining the site.

2.  Beehive Productions– Jeff and Sue, you are amazing and talented.  This record wouldn’t even be nearing its goals without you both.  You’re sweeter than honey!  Thanks for the write-up on your blog.

3.  A return visit to Catawba with Barry, Caleb, Jeff and Sue!

4.  Nice show at Bottling Works in Romney, WV.  Also pretty sweet to drive home at 2am and beat the snow storm.

5.  Our amazing accountant, Tucker!

6.  Beautiful night in Scottsville to help celebrate the opening of Balance.

7.  2 lovely house concerts in Kansas and Oklahoma to kick-off the Spring Tour.

8.  The Hembrees, their beautiful house and open hearts.

9.  Early Spring!

10.  So many new records coming out this year!

Catawba by day.

Laura modeling the new T-Shirts for the Pre Order campaign.  Designed and printed by Sue Bibeau.

Recording in Catawba.

Sundown in Catawba.  Shot with 35mm B&W film.

More 35mm.


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