Winter Harvest

  New Stickers!  Available at all shows.

Sweet as Honey:

1.  First Florida Tour!

2.  European St. Cafe, Garage Mahal and Our Kind of Folk House Concerts- great hosts.

3.  Visiting 2 awesome radio stations in Florida- WMNF and WSLR.

4.  Beautiful Cedar Key.

5.  Playing a set before Mary Gauthier and Tania Elizabeth at the 30A Songwriters Festival.  Great crowd too!

6.  Spending more time in Saranac Lake, NY- we love you Jeff and Sue!

7.  New Stickers designed by Sue Bibeau of Beehive Productions.

8.  Deena’s House Concert and all our lovely Baltimore fans- you guys rock!

9.  Visit with Caleb to hang, work up songs, see “The Artist” and eat yummy food.

10.  Photo Sesh with Jack Looney for the record!

11.  Excellent VA mini-tour with Red June to some of our favorite spots: Kirk Avenue Music Hall & Ashland Coffee and Tea.  Special shout out to Doc Lawson for rockin’ on the bass in Eb for a new tune.

12.  First round of pre-orders for Silver Lining, our 3rd record, a success- thanks to everyone who ordered this past weekend.  Online pre-orders will begin at the end of this month.  Stay tuned.

13.  Winter Harvest– the new Matt Flinner Trio record… so good.

 Sneak peak at the Blenheim Vineyard photo session with Jack Looney.  More to come.

 Red June and Honey Dewdrops posters!  Photo by Natalya Weinstein.

 Red June and HDDs after Ashland Coffee & Tea gig.  This act is hittin’ the road together!


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