Catawba, Virginia

In late December we began recording our third record in Catawba, Virginia. We set up shop on an old farm that perches on the top of a hillside and looks east towards Roanoke. It was the Dewdrops plus six, with everyone helping tune guitars, craft songs, cook savory meals, apply pats to backs, keep the creativity flowing, make hot tea, and uncork wine.

Caleb, Barry, Jeff, Kagey, Laura, Ashleigh

Togetherness:  There is nothing so valuable as good friends and we wanted our good friends to be a big part of the process of this recording session. Barry Lawson leant his hands and ears on a number of tunes by playing bass, mandolin, and octave mandolin. Caleb Stine contributed his expertise in song development helping to finish and arrange songs. Jeff Oehler, of Beehive Productions, engineered the session and worked his magic, setting up the mics in just the right place and getting the voices, instruments, and room to sound perfect. Sue Bibeau, also of Beehive Productions, inspired and encouraged us and developed the visual ideas that will be on the cd packaging. Jack Looney took gorgeous film footage and photographs. Ashleigh Shepherd took on the role of spiritual adviser, massaged sore shoulders, cooked delicious food, and made everyone feel really, really happy.

Peluso Microphones sponsored our session and provided their handcrafted microphones. We can’t speak highly enough about these mics, they are simply amazing. Made in Willis, Virginia, check them out for yourself here.

It was an amazing and productive 10 day session in one of our favorite places in Virginia. We can’t wait to share these new songs with everyone in the near future. Stay tuned for more info on a release date. In the meantime enjoy these pictures courtesy of Jack Looney!


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