Lay your head back and dream…

We’ve had an amazing couple of weeks on the road.  Since we left Arizona, we traveled back through New Mexico and up north to Colorado.  Santa Fe and Taos were just as beautiful as everyone said they would be.  We did happen to pass by the big fire happening near Los Alamos.  We heard it had been mostly contained but the plums of smoke were still rising and made for a very surreal drive north.

Our first destination in Colorado was Westcliffe for the High Mountain Hay Fever Festival.  It’s been a few years since we’ve been able to just attend and not play a music festival.  HMHF happened at the perfect time as it was on our way to Carbondale AND several of our musical heroes were playing that weekend.  How could we not go?  Dry Branch Fire Squad and Jody Stecher and Kate Brislin were certainly the  big highlights for us.  Incredible talent and people.

After some great shows in the Glenwood Springs area and hanging out in Carbondale, we trekked north for Wyoming this past week.  As we were driving on I-70, headed to Fort Collins for the evening, we came upon a car that looked familiar.  We were about to pass the car when we realized it was our friends John, Natalya and Will from Red June.  After many honks and then giggles when everyone realized what was happening, we coordinated a coffee date at the closest exit.  This made for a really fun afternoon as we caught up on each other’s travels (they’re touring out west too).

4,300 miles and 2.5 weeks after we left Virginia, we’re in Wyoming and headed out to Jackson in the morning for an extended visit with our friends, the Sibleys.  Looking forward to playing more music and seeing more of the country.

 Sunset  near Santa Fe.

We stayed very close to the fires near Los Alamos, NM.

Our view, every morning and evening from the High Mtn. Hay Fever Festival campground.

Kagey, pretty satisfied with our campsite.

Festival grounds.

Another gorgeous view of Westcliffe before the storms rolled through.

Hanging with Red June after running into them on I-70 near Evergreen, CO.

Hiking the Flatirons in Boulder.

Driving through the Wind River Canyon on the way to Thermopolis, WY.

Sweet as Honey:

1.  Driving through Northern New Mexico.

2.  Attending a workshop with Jody and Kate where they played the Utah Phillips’ song “Miner’s Lullaby.”

3.  Dry Branch Fire Squad set at High Mountain Hay Fever.

4.  Beautiful Westcliffe, CO.

5.  Driving and hiking on Independence Pass- 12,000 ft elevation.

6.  Soaking in Glenwood Hot Springs.

7.  Beer Works in Carbondale.

8.  Running into Red June in CO!

9.  Visiting with old friends in Fort Collins.

10.  Water slides into mineral baths in Thermopolis, WY.


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