Blooms in the month of June.

We love the month of June.  It’s always the start of summer and a great festival season for us.  This June had a LOT to live up to from the fun we had last year and it passed with flying colors.  The OcraFolk Festival was certainly another highlight for us.  So much great music on such a tiny little island and this year, the Virginians took the festival by storm!  The Steel Wheels, Jay Pun & Morwenna Lasko and some new friends Beleza Brasil all played the festival and then we spent some time together on the beach.

Many more highlights including a stop in Baltimore, Maine, and NY plus photos below.  We’ll be trying to post more from our upcoming travels out west over the next 6 weeks.  Stay tuned!

Sweet as Honey:

1.  Caravanning to Ocracoke and spending the weekend with Barry.

2.  Trent and Jay join us for a rockin’ version of “Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning.”

3.  Beach time with Virginia’s finest acoustic musicians and their families.

4.  Getting to visit with Worth on Atlantic Beach.

5.  Brother Jack comes up from ATL for Mama P’s B-Day.

6.  Flattop Mountain house concert- what a view and sweet hospitality.

7.  Lunch with Papa W.

8.  Metro Gallery show w/ Caleb Stine and Anne Porcella.  Baltimore is our new second home, thanks for always making us feel so welcome.

9.  Catching up with dear college friends and celebrating/playing a beautiful wedding in Maine.

10.  Fun visit with Annie and Jonny in Albany.

11.  Catch Phrase with Tim and Kristin in Rochester and cookout with the fam.

12.  WSKG taping and spending time with Ken and Karyn Anne in Binghamton.

13.  Beautiful drive and show in Hobart, NY.

14.  The Harrow and the Harvest.

On the ferry to Ocracoke!

Listening to some Beleza Brasil!

Berto and Madeline of Beleza Brasil put on a great set.

Beachin’ it with friends and the kiddos.  Nola is a walking pro.

Barry stayed in the water the longest.

Madeline, Berto, Jay & Morwenna on Ocracoke Island.

Driving down Flattop Mountain we saw this rainbow and a bear!

Playing “Ashokan Farewell” during the wedding ceremony in Maine.


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