Roses in the Snow.

Let’s see, where did we leave you?  Oh yes, we were in Chicago.  Well, since March we’ve traveled all over Wisconsin and a little in Minnesota and are about to embark eastward for 2 more shows in Illinois and Indiana before we head home to Virginia on the 24th.  We made it through tornados and snow and another 3,000 miles and are looking forward to seeing sunshine through more than a hotel or car window.

We’ve had a great time playing for so many new faces and even catching up with old friends while on the road.  Six weeks is a long time to be away from home- but not so bad when you love what you dew for a living.

 Fish Creek, WI looking out onto Green Bay.

Iceberg in Door County.

Playing in Eagle River, WI.  Photo by Sue Duda.

Waiting to play in Manitowoc, WI.  Photos by Sharon Enos.

Sweet as Honey:

1.  Michael Teach for the many days of lodging and good company in Chicago.

2.  Potluck and SweetWater Sea Concerts!

3.  Jill and James Iverson- 2 very kind souls.

4.  New, handmade banjo strap by James Iverson.

5.  White Gull Inn- sold-out event complete with amazing food, proprietors and audience.

6.  Black Hawk Folk Society!

7.  Over 150 people turn out for our show in Neenah, WI.

8.  The lovely people at our show in Eagle River, WI.

9.  All the little towns we played in Minnesota.

10.  Visiting with Dan and Kim in the twin cities for a delicious home-cooked meal, champagne and some hand-dyed yarn for a knitting project!

11.  G-chat with Doc Lawson.

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3 thoughts on “Roses in the Snow.

  1. Your blog is such a great record of your whereabouts, your progress, your lives as musicians! Wish you could come back to our area in northern WI! Perhaps the Campanile Center in Minocqua would hire you sometime…or Hiawatha Music Festival in Marquette, MI! I’ll keep my fiddling fingers crossed for you, but not while I’m playing! :o)

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