These Old Roots

It has been 3 years since our appearance on A Prairie Home Companion.  Whoa!  We still continue to reflect on the experience to this day and how it has shaped our lives and careers.  We were musicians by hobby at this time in 2008, with one original song and a small catalog of covers we’d play once a month at a coffee shop in Appomattox, VA.  We were teachers and gardeners and lovers of roots music and we were getting ready to play the biggest show of our lives in front of 1,000 people in the historic Fitzgerald Theater with over 4 million people listening in over the radio.

Rehearsal with Garrsion and Pat Donahue. Photo Credit: Dan Zimmerman.

The excitement since that weekend still hasn’t settled.  Getting to play on a show that we grew up listening to on Saturday nights with our parents is definitely at the top of our proudest moments list.  We’ll never forget how many times we had to rehearse the “Guy Noir” sketch, meeting our lifelong friends Pat and Mattie, singing with Garrison, breaking the water tower trophy, our friends and family listening to us from home, the amount of sweat pouring from our hands during each of our songs- it only took a year after the show for us to quit our jobs and pursue this wonderful life of making music for a living.

We don’t forget our roots and are grateful every day for the amazing opportunities we’ve had over the years.  Thank you all so much for your continued support of our music.  The crowd response at our shows has been overwhelming- we are so warmed by your generosity and enthusiasm.

Our very first show together circa 2003 in Farmville, VA with Greg Zeppelin.

Circa 2007 in Scottsville, VA.

Our first show with Barry, Outback Lodge in Charlottesville, VA 2007.

Sweet as Honey:

1. Two great shows in GA with new and old friends in attendance.

2. Visiting with Jack and Fran.

3. Cherry Blossoms in GA.

4. Julie and Joshua come to Etowah, TN!

5. Gregg and Shirley and their awesome house, complete with a great concert.

6. UU Coffeehouse in Columbia, SC.  Thank you.

7. Catching up with friends over LOTS of coffee.

8. Hiking, running, biking and yoga when we’re home.

9. Dr. Ho’s with the Wortmans.

10. Cooking dinner at home- we’ve had enough of Panera!


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