Catawba, VA.

Our beautiful host.

Sassy and happy before AC&T show.


Possibly THE best note we’ve ever received out of a tip jar (this photo resurfaced from our trip north in January).

Sweet as Honey:

1. Getting some rest in between shows!

2. Blacksburg house concert and wonderful hosts, the Dubinskys.

3. Anna Roberts-Gevalt joins us on fiddle and harmony in Blacksburg.  It was our first time meeting each other!

4. The Shepherd Family and Catawba farm- our home away from home.

5. The Prizery- a beautiful old building in South Boston refurbished as a community arts place.

6. The Daltons=  best late-night hosts!

7. Riding a four-wheeler on a warm, sunny day.

8. Wine, Mexican food, good company in Staunton.

9. Kagey wins a game of pool.

10. Cramming 60 people into a living room in DC for our house concert and sold-out crowd at Ashland Coffee and Tea!


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