The Trio on Tour Part II

Continued from Hartford, CT.

We got to make a stop in Boston, Lexington and Cambridge, MA for two days!  We enjoyed a nice stroll along the Charles with friends, Alex and Matt, and afterward enjoyed some time in downtown Boston.

Laura was working on getting warm and healthy with an awesome hat and Emergen-C in hand with Alex.

Before our show at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, we went to the Music Emporium- another high-end music shop in Lexington, MA where Barry fell in love with a Collings’ Mandola.

Barry is enjoying HIS time at Music Emporium with this Collings MT2 Mandola.

We got a little break to spend some time with family in NJ.  Turns out, they got 6″ of snow the evening we stayed with them.  Uncle Tim is going to town on his sidewalk.  They’re so much better at clearing roads and sidewalks than we are in the south.

Kagey and Laura pose at the historic Caffe Lena right before their opening set for the Wiyos!

Caffe Lena is famous for having hosted Bob Dylan in 1960.  It was a really sweet venue.

Right after the Cyber Cafe West show in Binghamton, NY.  Another FREEZING night remedied by a great crowd and great food.

Barry’s love for carrot cake might exceed his love for mandolins.

Our friends George, John and Paul in NYC.

Laura working very hard to navigate through NYC on the way to Brooklyn with D’Atlas.

Kagey warming up for the last show at Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn.  Too bad it was the same night as the Jets vs. Steelers.

Late night mandolin jam in Rachel’s Brooklyn apartment.  Sorry neighbors.

We feasted on the most delicious doughnuts by “Dough” just outside Rachel’s door before our trip back to Virginia.

Back, safe and sound, to Virginia after wearing the same clothes for 11 days.  Surprised we could still get this close together?  We were too.


Sweet as Honey (through the eyes of Barry):

1. Delightful vegetarian fare and a great show at Rosendale Cafe, with wonderful hosts Mark and Susan.

2. Catching up with old friends Ernest and Gaelle in New Haven, and seeing their lovely kids.

3. Playing the same room (Caffe Lena) as Bob Dylan did some 50 years ago.

4. Working up new Dewdrops’ tunes while on the road, including a Beatles’ number.

5. Kagey and I grooving on “When The Saints Go Marching In” with 12-year-old Alex Barney on sax.

6. A Brooklyn boy’s rendition of “Hit Parade of Love” by Nick at The Firebox.

7. Clam pizza in New Haven; killer carrot cake in Binghamton; doughnuts “as big as your face” in Brooklyn.

8. Playing twin mandolins with Kagey on “Girl I Left Behind”, then twin mandolins with Laura on the same.

9. Phil, Marcia, Ben, Ruthie, Tim, Laura, Ken, Karyn Anne, and Rachel: gracious beyond gracious.

10. Mandolin Brothers in Staten Island and The Music Emporium in Lexington, MA (hide your credit card).

11. Crafting wonderful music for six straight nights, and nine out of ten, and spending 250+ hours consecutively with two very dear friends — I’d do it all over again.


*Dear Barry, we’d love to do it again.  When are you free?- L&K


One thought on “The Trio on Tour Part II

  1. We loved seeing the show and getting to know y’all! We have enjoyed the albums you gave us so much. Can’t wait to see you again sometime down the road. And, by the way, we got the card– how lovey! A handwritten thank you is indeed sweet as honey.
    –Ruthie and Ben

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