The Trio on Tour Part I

The day before our travels began with car troubles.  What luck!  The good ol’ check engine light came on and the Subaru started making some groaning noises we’d never heard.  We took it in to our trusty dealer and tried to get it all fixed, but to no avail.  Let’s face it, we drove the golden chariot into the ground with all our touring out west and up and down the eastern seaboard.  RIP Subie- we now welcome our new employee, Honda, to the workforce.  This car got to put a cool 2,000 miles on its gauge for our run up north.  Good job Honda!

What follows on this blog are touring highlights we were able to capture on film (well, not really film, but a camera nonetheless).  We battled it out with Old Man Winter- every town we played in experienced its coldest night of the year.  We got lost a number of times on and off the I-95 corridor.  A young child was turned away from the bathroom because of our warm-up exercises.  We ate and drank way too much.  We slept on too many hotel beds in our sleeping bags.  We spent over 250 hours consecutively together…..  AND we had the BEST time doing it all.  What a trip.

1 upright bass, 2 guitars, 2 mandolins, 1 banjo, 3 backpacks, 3 pillows, 3 sleeping bags, 1 air mattress, 2 boxes of CDs, and 3 Dewdrops.  It’s only the first day of the trip.

Our first stop on the tour was not to play a show, but to play many expensive instruments that we can’t afford.  This was the friendliest music store we’ve ever visited.  Mandolin Brothers on Staten Island.

Kagey enjoying a vintage OM at Mandolin Bros.

Kagey couldn’t enjoy EVERY instrument for fear of the “break it, you buy it” scenario.

At the end of our first show on the tour at the Gypsy Joynt in Great Barrington, MA we signed where many of our other musician friends signed (The David Wax Museum, Mandolin Orange).

In Great Barrington at the Red Lion Inn- really cool tavern.  Laura is always excited to find something related to the band.

Barry found solace in his sleeping bag every night.  This was only the first night where things were still fresh inside.

One of our favorite shows on the tour was at the Rosendale Cafe in Rosendale, NY.  Great food, great people, great night.

Mark & Susan w/Dewdrops at Rosendale Cafe.  Loved it so much, we ate there for lunch the next day.

Another night in a hotel, same sleeping bag, different bottle of scotch.

We washed our hands in NY.

Barry and Kagey were really pumped for our show in Hartford, CT at the Firebox Restaurant.

They worked on a new trick for a few of our songs.

One of our favorite DJs, Jon Colcord, came out to see us in Hartford.  Nice shirt Jon!

We stayed with two of the most generous people on our trip, Phil and Marcia.  Phil is an accomplished photographer and happened to capture a few of our favorites in his travels to various festivals from the mid- 60’s and 70’s.

Our gracious hosts, Marcia and Phil.

Woody, the Cat/Dog, in Hartford, CT.

Stay tuned for Part II where you’ll hear from Barry on his top sweets from the road as well as the last of our photos.  Thanks for reading!



One thought on “The Trio on Tour Part I

  1. We were one of the lucky folks to attend your Rosendale Gig… and it was indeed a fine night of music. Really enjoyed reading your blog.

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