Sorry for the long pause on our blog folks!  The holidays finally caught up with us along with a family wedding and the annual cold that always seems to get us around this time of year.  We’ve been resting up, preparing for our next journey on this path of music and our travels ahead in 2011.  Last year, we posted our favs from the year and we’d like to do so again.  We cannot write and play music without inspiration from others.  Cheers to these albums of 2010 that remained in heavy rotation on our trips (in no particular order).

Sweetness to our ears!

1. Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band- Legacy

2. Caleb Stine- I Wasn’t Built For a Life Like This

3. Red June- Remember Me Well

4. Tim O’Brien- Chicken and Egg

5. Darrell Scott- A Crooked Road

6. 3 Penny Acre- Highway 71

7. Paul Curreri- California

8. Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin- Return

9. Caleb Klauder- Western Country

10. The Steel Wheels- Red Wing

*Although its official release isn’t until 2011, we got an advance copy of the new David Wax Museum’s, Everything is Saved, and it will most definitely be in our top 2011 picks.


We’ve had many things to be thankful for over this past year- so many, that we couldn’t possibly build a list because we’d probably be forgetting something or someone.  Fortunately, we’ve blogged about all of those things and they’re archived here!  We have a month or so of sweets to catch up on, so here’s our last Sweet as Honey for 2010:

Sweet as Honey:

1. A visit from Caleb for the “gathering” in Palmyra including an impromptu “Tear Stained Eye” and late- night geek-out over the Beatles.

2. Folk Club of Reston- Herndon and the incredibly kind and warm audience.

3. A week- long wedding celebration in Atlanta for Jack and Frances including mints on our pillows and champagne at the hotel, delicious food and drink, playing “Ashokan Farewell” for their first dance, giant sparklers, Kagey dancing ALL night, the best wedding cake (although, it doesn’t beat our pies) and time with family and friends.

4. Wonderful house show at the Warnocks.

5. Catching up with David and Suz!

6. Quieting 800 people at the Jefferson for an acoustic song with James and David Wax Museum.

7. Kagey plays electric guitar on “Metaphysical Gingham Gown” by Sons of Bill for the Rock and Roll Christmas Spectacular.

8. Beatles’ Mono Box set!

9. Dinners with so many friends over the holidays!

10. Aunt Jenny’s cherry pie!

Congratulations to Jack and Frances Parrish! Photo by Peacock Photo & Video.

Finale at the Jefferson with Sons of Bill! Photo by Rich Tarbell.

Performing David Wax’s “Let Me Rest” in front of the mics.

Finally, thank you all so much for a great year.  The momentum has been incredible.  The support of fans and other musicians we meet on the road is fuel for this next year.  We cannot wait to see what’s in store for 2011.  Happy New Year!


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  1. We loved the first song K+L! We watched the video of it the other night and it was very sweet! Thanks so much for making our wedding so memorable!

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