A picture says…

We are so grateful to Neal Golden for sharing his photographic talents with us after the “Round-the-Mountain” show in Baltimore.  Hope you enjoy these and a few others along with our top sweets at the end.

Andy Friedman opens up the show with a brilliant set @ Creative Alliance.

Getting to play a tune with Ken Kolodner.  He plays fiddle and hammered dulcimer.

Everyone joins Caleb on his new song “Safe at the Savior’s Side.”

Having a great time.  Beautiful audience!

Laura leading a finale singalong.

Caleb’s turn.  Powerful image.

Kagey sports his “Round-the-Mountain” official t-shirt by 2 hawks 2 fishes.

Beautiful “Round-the-Mountain” poster by 2hawks2fishes artist, Kathy Fahey.

Boots!  Clockwise:  Michael Jaworek (The Birchmere), Andy Friedman, Megan (Creative Alliance), Kagey & Laura.

Singing in a beautiful Civil War era church in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.  Photo by B. Lawson.

Laura helping out A Mystery in Common for the Artisan Bazaar @ UVA.  Photo by G. Boyle.

Sweet as Honey:

1. Singing songs with the audience at Creative Alliance.

2. Opening for the Steel Wheels in PA.

3. Golden Link Folk Singing Society show in Penfield, NY a success!

4. Spending time with family in Rochester.

5. Visiting with Kala and Tyler in Springwater.

6. Awesome landlords!

7. Jacob and Melody in town from California!

8. Batesville Thanksgiving.


10. Cliff Perry & Laurel Bliss– amazing.

11. A Mystery in Common opens its doors in Charlottesville on December 3rd!


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