Thankful for your presence

November has started off with a bang.  Thanks to everyone who came out to our final CD release show at Mockingbird last weekend.  We are humbled by your enthusiasm for the new record and thankful that we can continue down this path playing music with all of your support!

Sweet as Honey:

1. Sunny days.

2. Walks on the Monticello trail and then wine with Mama W.

3. Gathering of friends-past at the Mockingbird.

4. Jeff Huss and Mark Dalton.

5. Robin and Linda Williams.

6. Honey Dewpops of all flavors.

7. Michele: best merch lady ever!

8. Grace & Tristan: your kindness overflows.

9. Beer Run brunch with Mama P.

10. Breakfast (we love breakfast) with the Foster’s.

11. Barry gets the award for being mentioned the most on our blog because of his hard work and dedication to the music.  Congratulations, Barry! 🙂

12. Matt Flinner Trio with special guest Landon Fishburne in Palmyra.

A whole lotta Huss and Dalton love.  Photo by B. Lawson.

Last minute rehearsal back stage at Mockingbird.  Photo by B. Lawson.

A new a cappella number. Photo by B. Lawson.

Jeff and Mark.  Photo by Gary Alter.

Matt Flinner, Eric Thorin, & Ross Martin.  Photo by B. Lawson.

Anna and friends finishing up the popular and delicious DewPops!  Photo by B. Lawson.

Test of Time at Mockingbird show.

Barry and Dave Kuo as “Shake & Howdy” at Ashland Coffee and Tea- catch them live if you can!


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