Fields of November

Ah, November, you’re here.  Leaves in Virginia have seen their last colors, the sun sets a rich, golden hue behind the mountains and we turn inward once again because it’s colder outside, and darker.  We’re not sad about this change, we embrace you November with open arms and thankful thoughts!  To celebrate these next thankful weeks, here are our thankful thoughts:

Sweet as Honey:

1. Finally playing a show with the Sibley’s on our side of the country!

2. Playground fun with Leah Sibley in Roanoke.

3. Great show at Bena Country store with surprise visits from old friends!

4. Welcome to your new home, Huss and Dalton Singletree Banjo (see below).

5. The Steel Wheels’ new Cajun-style song at Eddie’s Attic and joining in on “Working on a Building.”

6. Vintage shopping in Atlanta with the Steel Wheels: Trent’s awesome new shirt, Jay’s new ‘do, Brian’s boot store, Oliver’s hunger… it’s always a barrel of laughs and a treat to hang with them.

7. Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup with Fran, Jack and Jeanette in Atlanta.

8. Henry, the Cockerpoo.

9. Ipanema with Barry for a belated anniversary celebration.  Yum!

10. Candy, chocolate ganache cupcakes, buttery popcorn and movies while recouping from the road.

11. New website design by Awesome Lawson coming soon!

Perhaps a new song with L on her new Banjo.  Photo by A. Lawson.

“Can’t Get a Letter From Home” at Bena Country Store in Hayes, VA.  Photo by A. Lawson.

Video from our performance on Red Barn Radio which airs this month!

Listen to full episode here.


2 thoughts on “Fields of November

  1. I attended your concert in Cambridge, MN and was so thrilled to find my newest most favorite couple! You referred to a “Swedish Photographer”. Would you refresh my mind regarding his name?

    Where may I find your calendar of upcoming events?

    Thank you – your work is incredible and my garden will have Amaranth this year!


    • Hi Sharron!

      First, thanks so much for your comments and for exploring our blog! We had a nice time in Cambridge and really appreciate your feedback.

      To answer your questions. Robert Frank is the photographer we mentioned that inspired the song “Stomping Ground” and you can find our upcoming shows at

      Thanks so much again! Enjoy the spring!
      Laura and Kagey

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