Just some thoughts

Howdy do!

Sadly, we’re lacking in photos from our last couple of shows but we hope you still enjoy reading this blog without them.

Our time at the Rooster’s Wife in Aberdeen, NC was relaxing and intimate.  After the chair massages, homegrown dinner menu, wine and coffee, we slipped right into two sets for a wonderful audience.  This also marked the weekend of our second wedding anniversary and we didn’t mind the star treatment.  There needs to be more concert series like this one in small towns.  These folks are trying to bring quality, live music to a tiny place and they do it right- see what they lured us in with?:)

It was a packed first weekend of October for us!  We played a nice set at Crozet Music Festival on Saturday afternoon on one of the nicest days we’ve had in Virginia since this past spring.  Cool weather means fall!  Certainly a treat to share the stage with so many great, local acts from around the area.  We hopped right in the car after our set to head to Glen Allen for our FIRST CD celebration at Shady Grove Coffeehouse.  What an evening!  Packed house, many friendly faces, excellent opening set by Gene and Gayla Mills, debuting new material….. did we mention the Honey DewPops?  Oh yes, our friend Anna made Lollipops for the special occasion and they were DELICIOUS.  Wonder what she’ll cook up for the next release in November? 🙂

Finally, we played one of the best house concerts EVER on Sunday.  Sharing the evening with our dear friend Caleb Stine and celebrating both our new releases at the Potter’s was so much fun.  The food was delicious, the crowd was enthusiastic, the opening band rocked the house…. we’re already looking forward to going back.  Want to come out next time?  You gotta email us.

AND, of course, highlights:

Sweet as Honey:

1. Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin’s Return.

2. A giant cookie to celebrate year #2.

3. “Hills of My Home”- new song debuted.

4. These Old Roots, making its way across the country via radio as of 10/1.

5. J. Potter writes a song inspired by a Honey Dewdrops’ tune.

6. Finally walking downtown… not so far afterall!

7. Scott & Rachel’s produce.

8. HONEY DEWPOPS!  Deep flavored harmonies, honest sweetness…

9. Fall weather.

10. New songs, new songs, new songs, new songs…


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