Bristol Rhythm and Roots…a very sweet weekend.

We are so thankful that Barry captured our weekend in Bristol on his iPhone.  We haven’t been carrying our camera to our shows.  This was our first time at the Rhythm and Roots festival and we hope it won’t be our last.  Our sets were really fun and getting to see all the other great artists is always a treat.  We thoroughly enjoyed Sarah Jarosz, Joy Kills Sorrow, a small portion of the Darrell Scott Trio, The Boxcars, and Blue Highway.  Here’s a look at the weekend:

Laura’s boots in two states at the same time!

Barry, trying to read our set list in Kagey’s handwriting.  Photo by Karen Ferguson.

After our Sat. set.  This gentlemen travels to many festivals with his chicken.

Catching up with the Steel Wheels at lunch after our sets.

Enjoying the last bit of Darrell Scott with a favorite, Matt Flinner and Casey Driessen.

Enjoying the last bit of the weekend together.

The Carter Family had their first recording session just a few hundred yards away.  Sweet.

Sweet as Honey to our ears (what’s been playing in the car):

1. Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band- “Legacy”

2. Caleb Klauder- “Western Country”

3. Mandolin Orange- “Quiet Little Room”

4. Mary Gauthier- “Mercy Now”

5. Tim O’Brien- “Chicken and Egg”

6. Sarah Jarosz- “Song Up In Her Head”

8. Mike Marshall & Catarina Lichtenberg

9. Paul Curreri- “California” (yes, still listening to it a lot)

10. Anne & Pete Sibley- “Coming Home”

*Waiting on the arrival of “Return” by Jody Stecher and Kate Brislin and The Kruger Brothers.


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