End of the road… for a bit.

We’re back home in Virginia after 3 weeks on the road.  The last shows on our tour were excellent and a great way to celebrate being back on the east coast.  Before we left Fayetteville, we got to visit with our friends Pat and Mattie and their 1 yr old, June Sadie.  We met Pat and Mattie on the Prairie Home show back in 2008 where they took the 2nd place slot.  We got to be fast friends and have since visited them in Arkansas 3 times while passing through and kept in touch.  They have settled into their beautiful home in the Ozarks and have a gorgeous daughter whom we finally met during this visit.  An outing to the county fair felt appropriate for our last day in the natural state.  We feel so fortunate to know so many great folks in that area and thank Juliet and Shane, the Hembrees, all the singer/songwriters we met and played with, and Pat and Mattie for a wonderful return visit.

We finally made it to NC after a long drive and played the Cook Shack in Union Grove.  This was a favorite spot during the whole trip.  There was warmth and love in this room-  big thanks to Tom and Gail for bringing us out, Bill Guerrant for the lovely photos,  and Pal and Myles Ireland for hosting us.

The Fiddle and Bow in Winston-Salem was a beautiful venue with a starlit ceiling and excellent sound.  We played to a nice audience and especially enjoyed singing “Bright Morning Stars” while under the twinkly lights in the room.  We thank Sonny and all the volunteers for continuing a 30 year tradition in Winston-Salem!

Finally, we returned to Charlottesville at 2am on Friday and prepared the next day for our homecoming show at the Batesville Store that night.  Cid and Liza always have a great turnout and it was so nice to see many familiar faces.  Thanks to all who came out that night!

Pat and June Sadie at the fair.

Mattie and June ride the carousel with Juliet.

Cook Shack in Union Grove, NC.  Singing with Pal & Myles Ireland.  Photo by Bill Guerrant.

Getting ready for the Batesville Store. Photo by Karen Wortman.

Batesville Store show. Photo by Karen Wortman.

Sweet as Honey:

1. Julie and Joshua give us a place to rest our heads after 12 hours on the road!

2. Laughs with Pat and Mattie and getting to meet June!

3. Singing “Farther Along” with Pal and Myles Ireland at the Cook Shack.

4. Tom and Gail Watts- we need more music enthusiasts in this world like them.

5. Covering an Anne and Pete Sibley tune during our sets.

6. Anthony Da Costa.

7. Working on new songs- 5 of them!

8. Bluegrass Grill and Dr. Ho’s Pizza with fams.

9. Heirloom quilts handed down to us- yes!

10. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.


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