Our tour continued in photos:

Kagey, JJ & Jasen- beginning of Black Lake hike.

We joined our good friends, the Eisfelder Family, for a reunion in Rocky Mtn. National Park.

Looking toward our destination- just a 2 mile hike away!

Out for a swell hike in Jackson with Pete.

Playing a tune with Pete during our return visit to Jackson.  The highlight of our trip was getting to play with the Sibley’s (wish we’d gotten some photos with Anne!)

One last photo in Estes Park with our friends.

Post Fayetteville Roots Festival jam w/perhaps the most talented singer/songwriters we’ve met yet, and nice folks to boot.  Anthony Da Costa, John Elliot, Raina Rose (and the lovely Bernice Hembree on accordian.)

Sweet as Honey:

1. 9.5 mile hike in Rocky Mtn. National Park with our friends!

2. Getting to see Elk, real up-close and personal.

3. Jackson, WY and all the wonderful people who came out to the Wilson Schoolhouse show.

4. Anne and Pete Sibley.

5. A return trip to Estes Park complete with yummy soup and a beautiful moonlit night on the porch.

6. Bryan Hembree- founder of the amazing Fayetteville Roots Festival.

7. “Drank All the Wine” finale at FRF- song by Johann Wagner.

8. Post festival hang out with all the artists.

9. Breakfast with the Hembrees, Johann, Shannon and Bergen.

10. Almost home!


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