Update from the road.

Hello, Hello!

We’ve been in Colorado for the last week and a half with one stop in Kansas on the way.  We love the mountains, people, food, beer and scenery so much- we’ll be putting together a video montage very soon of our trip.

Our first show in Atwood, Kansas (Northwest part) was a great jump start to our travels.  Alice and Jeff were so kind and do a wonderful job at the Aberdeen Pub.  Atwood is a tiny town in the plains, but with it’s own majestic beauty.  We played two great sets to a wonderful audience and were on our way the next morning after a delicious breakfast with Jeff.

After 4 hours, we finally arrived in Colorado and camped close to Nederland at Brainard Lake before we went to Boulder.  We hiked an awesome trail and spent a day relaxing, writing songs, and sleeping in 40 degree weather on top of a 10,000 ft. mountain.  Finally, we arrived in Boulder the next day.  There are a few similarities between Boulder and our hometown of Charlottesville- namely their pedestrian mall.  We felt right at home!  Our hosts for the several days we spent in Boulder were very kind to show us around and give us a bed to rest our heads- thanks Michael and Ann Kamps!  Also, shout-out to Grace Boyle #2 and friends for coming out last Wednesday night to our show at Laughing Goat- it was fun!

Our travels have taken us to some of the most beautiful landscapes we’ve ever seen.  We drove through Vail on 70 West into the western part of CO- through Carbondale and into the wonderful town of Paonia.  We beat an awful storm that rolled through an hour after our arrival and knocked over trees and created mudslides.  Our show ended up in a lovely theater in town (instead of the park) with a very gracious crowd.  Rob and Rebecca know how to do it right in that town!  The highlight of the evening was the Ron Miles Quartet from Denver.  We’ve admired Ron’s work with Bill Frisell for years and it was an honor to meet him and his band and share musical passions.

We spent a wonderful evening in Carbondale at Steve’s Guitars the next night.  We’ve never been asked for 4 encores before- thanks Carbondale, you made us feel really good.  The local community radio station, KDNK, hosted an impromptu interview sesh for us the day after our show at Steve’s.  Nina and Cody are excellent DJ’s and we couldn’t have felt more welcome.  Thanks for a great time guys!

Our last show in CO was at a great venue- Salida Cafe.  We passed over 12,000 ft, the top of the Rockies, to get to this gorgeous river town and weren’t disappointed by the sights and people.  Clark Roberts has a nice spot in town that hosts many musicians on the CO circuit and we were thrilled to play.  Special thanks to Clark for the use of his house and the delicious coffee.

We’re on our way to Estes Park to visit with friends before we head to Jackson, WY for a show hosted by some of our favorite people, Anne and Pete Sibley.  We’ll post more soon- in the mean time, enjoy these photos from our travels thus far!

Our first stop in Atwood, KS- beautiful old building, beautiful audience.

Somewhere in Kansas.

Camping at Brainard Lake, 10,000 ft. elevation.

Still cheerful after a chilly night of sleep- hiking around Long Lake.

Wildflowers around Brainard Lake.

A wicked storm followed us to Paonia- taken from McClure Pass, approx. 9,000ft.

Top of the Rockies- what a drive!

Looking out onto the highest point in CO-  Mt. Elbert at 14,433 ft.


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