Oak Grove Folk Festival

“Bluest Blue Eyes” during the afternoon set by Ron Shelton.

Photo by Ron Shelton.

Robin & Linda Williams with Chris Brashear and Jim Watson during afternoon workshop by Barry Lawson.

“Bright Morning Stars” in the evening by Barry Lawson.

“Keep on the Sunny Side” Finale with everyone by Ron Shelton.

“Keep on the Sunny Side” with R&L Williams and their Fine Group and Dale Jett w/Hello Stranger by Tom Watts.

Video by John Werntz

Sweet as Honey:

1. Gary Kirby- THE choice soundman!

2. Mary Binda joins us on “Petals”- one SWEET request.

3. Jared- booking his butt off since January!  You rock.

4. Aqui es Mexico

5. Shenandoah Joe’s

6. Paul Curreri’s “California”- still playing in our car.

7. Singing with Robin & Linda Williams at Oak Grove- even if we did mess up the verse:)

8. The Collins family and all those who put on the Oak Grove Festival.

9. Laura’s parents- for knowing all the cool people affiliated with Pennyroyal farm.

10. “These Old Roots”- UPS delivery TODAY!

11. TOUR!


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