The Low Anthem @ the Jefferson plus FloydFest- Breaking Ground

The Low Anthem sound check @ the Jefferson in C-ville.  Beautiful music.

Anais Mitchell & Jefferson sound check.  Excellent story songs.

Our sound check from Barry’s point of view.

Kagey is too tall for the tunnel under the Jefferson Theater.

Our view while camping.  Thanks again to Bart and family for a place to sleep at FloydFest!

Warming up for a very early set on the Porch Stage at FF.

Our favorite stage!

Warming up and escaping the smells from the honey dipper!

Angeline the Baker!

We opened for Mountain Heart!

Bright Morning Stars on the VIP stage.

Always a good time when the Steel Wheels are around.

Sweet as Honey:

1. Finishing up our second record, These Old Roots, and awaiting the release!

2. Atlantic Beach, NC- boating, eating, drinking, tanning- we couldn’t ask for a better vacation!

3. Heirloom tomatoes- especially those of the Cherokee Purple variety.

4. Matt Lanahan- a South Street Brewery staple.

5. The Low Anthem– some of the nicest musicians out there.

6. Bart (a lawyer): “Hey, ya’ll were great.  I’d love to play music with you sometime, but I guess that’d be like you asking to come practice law with me sometime.”

7. The catering at FloydFest- just, wow.

8. Our set on the Porch Stage at FF- most at-home we’ve ever felt- thanks Jon Lohman.

9. Receiving a CD in the mail from our heroes/mentors, Ginny Hawker & Tracy Schwarz.

10. Running into so many friends this weekend- we’re like one big, happy musical family.

*Photos courtesy of Barry’s iPhone.


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