Scottsville to Charlottesville

We’ve been so behind with this blog!  Here are some updates and Sweet as Honey:

First, we’ve been hard at work on our new record, These Old Roots, coming Summer 2010.  Little things have delayed the release date, but we assure you it’ll be worth it.  All new, original material done the old-fashioned way: live and in our living room.  You may have caught some of our new tunes if you’ve attended a show in the past few months.  There is still more to come and plenty of surprises for our upcoming shows in the month of June.

Second, we’re in the process of moving!  We will join the thriving Charlottesville, VA community in less than 2 weeks and we can’t wait!  We’d like to say a few words to our dear friend:  Scottsville, you’ve been so good to us.  We have loved your Farmer’s Market, yoga instructor Michele, tubing on the James, Scottsville Elementary, Country Blessings Deli, Donna’s Place, Victory Hall, Friday’s After 5:45, driving route 20 without getting stuck behind a slow vehicle, and your lovely small-towness.  We won’t forget where the Honey Dewdrops started.

Finally, we are preparing for a summer filled with festivals and traveling again.  We are so excited to make our mark in the Colorado territory this August as well as play for our friends in Jackson, Wyoming and Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Check our schedule to see if we’ll be coming near you.  It’s always awesome when you tell a friend about us too.

Sweet As Honey:

1. Chesterfield Library shows

2. Barry singing the third part on our songs

3. Celebrating many graduations and birthdays this month

4. Moving= excuse to be in Ikea for 3 hours

5. Caleb Stine

6. House About Tonight Productions– so friendly and welcoming

7. The kind people of Jiffy Lube who are so helpful when we see them once a month

8. The many people who have purchased our music this past month

9. New posters coming soon from A Mystery in Common

10. Still loving what we’re dewing despite the tough times

Thank you for the beautiful sunsets Scottsville…

….and the chance to plant a bountiful garden to share with friends and family…

… don’t worry, we won’t be far and we’ll come and visit.


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