Northeast Tour Part Deux

We left the north country in high spirits!  New friends, new songs, more good food- just the way we like it.  We headed to Manlius, Ny, about a 3 hour drive from S. Lake to play a nice show at Kellish Hill Farms.  We drove through beautiful mountains and lake towns into rolling hills and countryside in the ‘southern tier’ of the state.  (You will notice, dear reader, our knowledge of the various names of regions in NY by now- we spent a lot of time learning).

We also had a GREAT show at Cyber Cafe West in Binghamton (also the southern tier).  Lovely people, lovely place and a nice night overall to end a week in NY.  We headed to Philadelphia and Lenhartsville, PA the next day for the weekend where we shared songs with the nice folks at Psalm Salon and Creekside Cultural Center.  We were blessed with beautiful weather that weekend.

The sweet barn we played in at Creekside Cultural Center in Lenhartsville, PA.

Best lemonade stand ever- right outside of the barn at Creekside!

Okay, some folks may say we traveled in circles, but believe us- this trip was mapped out WAY better than the last.  We did end up going to western/upstate NY to stay with our relatives for a week in between shows.  We celebrated our birthdays, ate delicious food from Cuban stirfrys to Chinese, whooped everyone in Catch Phrase and managed to consume over 140 peanut butter balls.  Bad idea?  Nah.  It was awesome!

Plenty had been eaten at this point- and another batch came afterward.

After a relaxing week with our family, we drove across the state and headed east to New Hampshire for a weekend run of shows.  Our first stop was in Keene, NH- a progressive college town that we’d not heard much about but felt right at home (ahem, Charlottesville, ahem).  We played an all-acoustic set at The Starving Artist to a great audience!

We headed out the next day for a show in Biddeford, Maine at HogFarm Studios Annex- one of our very favorite places to play.  We finally met Cahalen Morrison, who opened the show for us and whom we’d been listening to for several months- he didn’t disappoint.  We saw old friends at the show, had birthday cake for K’s b-day, and then got to play with real rabbits the next day at our hosts’ house.  Wish we had photos!

It was our second time at Studio 99 in Nashua, NH and we had another nice evening.  Met some great folks and played another lovely acoustic set- which we love!  They were voted best place to be seen in Nashua!

Studio 99- Photo courtesy of Walt Leach.

Finally- our last show was at the Red Door in Portsmouth, NH!  We celebrated the last evening of Jay Boucher’s booking reign and shared a great set with Courtney Brocks and Jeff Hawkinson- locals to Portsmouth.  This was a great evening and way to end the tour.

More photos from shows to come- we’re still catching up on a lot.  Hope you enjoy!


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