The North Country

We began our tour in Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks of New York state.  The unseasonable warmth was very welcoming to our southern souls after leaving Virginia in its 75 degree glory.  We arrived the day of our first show at BluSeed Studios, a non-profit artist collective that feeds the hearts and minds of the little community in S. Lake.  It is a beautiful space run by the kind and open Carol Vossler, who immediately welcomed us and then promptly took orders for dinner from the delicious Eat’N’Meet– home-cooked veggies and savory soups for the rabbit in our little group and sumptuous bbq and the best onion rings for the carnivore.

The show was amazing because of the people we met who visited with us in between sets and afterward.  We were given hand-made paper by John, a mix cd for our long rides by a fan, passed around a bottle of Jameson after the show, and recounted tales of our previous tours with the leftover gang.  We personally have to thank Linda Fahey for taking a chance and bringing us all the way to the north country!

The biggest highlight from our trip in Saranac Lake was staying with our friend Shamim.  We didn’t know Shamim before we arrived at her house, ready to settle in for five days, but it didn’t take long for us to become fast, life long friends.  Shamim  has an excellent CD and book collection, lives with 2 beautiful/friendly cats, and has a smile that is contagious.  She showed us the best time over our repose from the tour.  We met tons of talented musicians (quite a network up there), tasted freshly tapped maple syrup with rum, ate delicious food (as always) and spent several nights jamming late into the evening with many nice people and at a few local bars.

jamming at Addison’s Sugar Shack (there’s syrup and rum in those cups)

Addison’s Sugar Shack

showing off Joe’s banjo collection after a sweet jam in a sweet house!

Kagey and Bo Diddley get cozy.

Sharing a song at the Red Tavern

This was the best way we could have started our almost 3 week tour.  More stories and photos to come from the rest of it.


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