ooh, ooh, here’s what we’ve BEEN dewing…

We are so sorry to have left you for so long!  There is so much going on with having flown to Boston and getting ready for a 2.5 week tour up north (by way of car) again and writing songs that we’ve lost track of our blog.  Never again.

These last few weeks we’ve been churning out new songs and making preparations for our new record which we’re hoping to release by the start of summer.  Yep, you heard us right, in 4 months we will have all brand new material.  Be sure to come out to our shows to get a sneak peak- we never record anything without running it by our audiences first!

We’ve been enjoying many home cooked meals this past month.  West African peanut soup, a chickpea/garlic/spinach soup, stir fry’s, lots of fruit w/peanut butter (we sure do love peanuts), veggies and hummus, and green tea a-plenty!  The winter has given us a lot of opportunity to experiment with cuisine and work off the calories by shoveling.

On the music front, we’ve been able to see our friends’ shows, which is a nice change of pace to be on the other side of things.  Last Friday night, we enjoyed the Demijohns w/special guest Bill Gurley, in Richmond, VA and played a few tunes with them.  It is inspiring to watch our talented friends play tunes- makes us want to go home and write, write, write!  Our favorite performance most recently was the David Wax Museum at Club Passim in Cambridge.  We did an opening set for an amazing crowd but the toast of the evening was certainly the main attraction.  We loved the upbeat, Mexicana- flavored songwriting of DWM but also the ballads played by just David and Suz.

We’re always listening to many new things too.  Most recently Paul Curreri’s new record California, some shape -note singing (an old form of reading music in church) and New Grange, a record featuring Tim O’Brien and Allison Brown.

Here’s Paul’s video for the song, California done by his wife, Devon Sproule (who’s latest record, Don’t Hurry for Heaven, is also amazing):

Just a week ago, our friend Jasmine sent in a photo of our t-shirt being enjoyed:

Thanks Jasmine!

We can’t wait for our upcoming show at Mockingbird Roots Music Hall in Staunton, VA on 3/11!  We’ll be heading back to the northeast  the next day- what a great send-off for the tour!

We hope everyone is well- we’ll be back here on the blog shortly, we promise.


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