Shake & Howdy (Dave Kuo & Barry Lawson) @ Globehopper

Sweet as Honey 1/31/10:

1. Another 11″ snow!

2. Good pickin’ @ Barry’s w/everyone on a different instrument.

3. Getting to play Huss & Dalton Presents night @ Mockingbird on Marh 11th!

4. Another new song!

5. A possible addition to our guitar family?

6. Ashland Coffee and Tea– Feb. 3rd!


One thought on “

  1. WOW!! The wonder of it all!!!!You guys were absolutely GREAT last nite!!! Never the same ole’ same ole’!! Each gig you’ve been better than the last time!!! That’s what keeps the ball rollin’!! The audience cannot predict what’s coming!! You feel the people in the audience loving it all too!! Everybody is having a good time and focusing on the night!!! WOW!! You need pay for therapy toooooooo!!! Love you both, be safe, be careful!!!Keep on making the people happy!!!! May God be with you on your journeys!!! Love Jane

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