Sweet as Honey 2009

Sweet as Honey to eat:

1. Manzanita Restaurant in Berkeley, CA

2. Authentic Tapas in San Francisco, CA (forgot name of restaurant!)

3. Eden Alley in Kansas City, MO

4. Bluegrass Kitchen in Charleston, WV

5. Sunny Point Cafe in West Asheville, NC

6. Flying Star Cafe in Albuquerque, NM

7. Tomato Head in Knoxville, TN

8. Best Huevos Rancheros cooked by Landace/roommates in Portland, ME

9. Best meal from the garden by Pat & Mattie in Ponca, AR

10. Best grocery store on the road: Trader Joe’s

Sweet as Honey for the week:

1. Swimming & yoga- keeping up exercise and feeling good

2. Laura getting over the worst sickness ever

3. The biggest snow in 10 years!

4. Larry Sparks xmas album

5. Finishing up new songs and looking toward new record for spring/summer

Our BIG snow

A very Honey Dewdrop-oliday


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