Sweet as Honey 2009

We’ve played over 100 venues this year.  There’s a lot to learn from performing many different kinds of places and we’ve had our share of interesting experiences.  Staying on the ‘positive tip’ as Jay Pun would say, here are our top picks for 2009 in no order:

Sweet as Honey to play:

1. Hamner Theater in Afton, VA

2. Wilson Schoolhouse in Jackson, WY

3. The Red Door in Portsmouth, NH

4. Village Concerts in Palmyra, VA

5. Hogfarm Studios in Biddeford, ME

6. Mockingbird Roots Music Hall in Staunton, VA

7. The Batesville Store in Batesville, VA

8. Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, GA

9. Virginia Beach Central Library through TFFM in VA Beach, VA

10. Riverbend Hot Springs in Truth or Consequences, NM

The truth is that we played way more than 10 places that were awesome this year- namely the house concerts that were put on by several folks including the Eisfelders, Paskiewiczes, Parrishes, Charles & Myrtles, Howells, Boarmans, Studio 99 & the Dream Away Lodge.

Thanks again to the folks who made these shows amazing for us!

Coming up:  Best food and coolest cities!

’tis the season for Tisdale and homemade fruitcake


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