Sweet As Honey: 2009

We’re going to start a mini-series on our blog until the end of December that highlights our many adventures from 2009.  It’s going to be a categorized listing of our favorites from the year and we hope you enjoy and maybe get to learn about a few things to try for 2010.  This sure has been an amazing year for us and as the year winds down, so we gather by our space heater and reflect on the many wonderful people we’ve met, the venues we’ve played, the food we’ve eaten, the music we’ve listened to the floors/couches we’ve slept on and just how much it means to us that we are still able to forge ahead playing music.  Let’s begin with our top 5 favorite record releases of 2009:

Sweet as Honey to hear (in no specific order):

1. Matt Flinner Trio– “Music du jour”

2. Neko Case– “Middle Cyclone”

3. Andrew Bird– “Noble Beast”

4. Anne & Pete Sibley– “Coming Home”

5. M. Ward– “Hold Time”

Sweet as Honey, for this week:

1. Most excellent crowd/food/hospitality and show @ Mockingbird Roots Music Hall

2. Swimming laps (some good ol’ excercise)

3. Julie & Joshua drive 2.5 hours to come see our show in Kentucky

4. Tofu Balls and good company w/ JJ, Jasen & Michele @ hip-shakin’ Sharon Jones show

5. The best Xmas tree ever

A Mystery in Common T-shirt party.  Photo by Grace Boyle


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