There are mountains I know you want to climb….

As the holiday season approaches, fast, we want to take this time to thank all of you for the amazing support, messages, emails, pictures, videos, hoots and hollers at our shows, home-cooked meals; a bed, floor, or couch to sleep on; for buying our cds and making this a very successful first record, coming to our shows, shouts over the radio, impromptu jam sessions, the use of your instruments (you know who you are), and your love.  We had the opportunity to visit with our friends Anne & Pete Sibley this weekend and they said it just right:  we couldn’t do what we love to do if it weren’t for you.  We want to support YOU too and if you take that leap of faith to do what you love, we’ll be right there, in the front row.  Thank you friends and family and enjoy your Thanksgivings with good company, food, and some delicious beverages.


Sweet as Honey:

1. Gillie’s dinner for two and raspberry chocolate cake before show

2. long hikes in Catawba

3. Grace Boyle

4. Leah Sibley’s hysterical laughing

5. Song-swapping with Anne & Pete


4 thoughts on “There are mountains I know you want to climb….

  1. Thanks for sharing yourselves and your music with Bob and I the other night at the other Jane and Bob’s house!
    You are both the kind of folks that make us so happy to have found a new world of music through P&A. You both are so gracious and talented it gives me hope for the future…thank you for having the courage to pursue your dream full time…Please know that there is always a soft bed upon which to lie your heads and harty meals any time you’re up our way in Connecticut or traveling thru…keep us up to date on your travels in the north east. Blessings on you both. Jane Sibley

    • Hi Jane! Thank you for your nice comment. What a pleasure to finally meet you and Bob- we just love the Sibley family! We will certainly take you up on a visit when we pass through Connecticut, it would be lovely to meet up with you and share a meal. We are very happy you made it home safely and would love to stay in touch. Will we see you when Anne and Pete pass through in the spring?

      Happy Thanksgiving and thanks again for your sweet message!
      Laura and Kagey

  2. Love the blogs and Sweet as honey!!! May God continue to bless you with all that you love doing!! Have a great week-end with family!!!Good luck Friday!! Blow the top off the ATTIC!! Best wishes!! Jane

    • Hi Jane!

      We love your messages! Thanks for keeping up with our ‘dewings’ and for your encouragement. You’re so much apart of our family and we are thankful to have you in our lives. So much love to you and Happy Thanksgiving! LOVE, Kagey and Laura

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