A Highway Back to You

This has been a really interesting tour for us.  We’re coming down to our last three shows and reflecting on our journey in the northeast with its majestic beauty, the ups & downs, and what lay ahead in March when we return.  First, poor planning on our part allowed for over 3,000 miles of driving.  We’ve seen the most brilliant fall color change of our lives- but take into account driving the same I-95 corridor for 4 days straight- yikes!  We’ve had good gigs and not so good ones.  We’ve seen friends from home in their lovely new towns (Portland, Boston/Cambridge/NYC/Burlington).  We’ve paid an arm and a leg in tolls and gas.  The food is always good because we can’t fathom a night without local fare.  The beer/wine/liquor is always delicious.  We’ve laughed a whole lot.  We’ve learned some really good/bad jokes.  Despite there being some setbacks in our tour (having to cancel two shows because we couldn’t afford the drive), we’re still amazed by the kindness of strangers when they hear our music for the first time and the surprises that lay ahead at venues we’ve never been to before.  This business will always have its ups & downs, but we still love what we are dewing and can’t wait for what happens next….

Sweet as Honey:

1. Beautiful breakfast in Portland w/friends & animals

2. Kagey, breaking  100 in bowling

3. Boston- not as intimidating as NYC and rooftop decks aplenty

4. More folks telling us they’ve seen our posters- the music is spreading!

5. Vermont in all its Green Mountain beauty

Landace cooked huevos for Sunday brunch

Landace cooked huevos for Sunday brunch in Portland


Landace wearing an HDD t-shirt w/Fenway

Landace w/Fenway wearing her HDD t-shirt


Laura and Fenway- spooning

Laura and Fenway- spooning



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