Mountain Stage NewSong & Northeast tour

Photo Credit:  Brianna Atkins

Photo Credit: Brianna Atkins

Sweet as Honey:

1. Beautiful color change happening in W. Va.

2. Meeting Larry Groce (Host of Mountain Stage)

3. Bettysoo making us laugh all weekend

4. Liz Longley‘s song “Unraveling”

5. Song swapping in the hospitality suite

6. Ron, GAR, Greg, Mike, Trish, Kristen, all the people who make NewSong/Mtn. Stage happen

7. Shaun Cromwell

8. Sharing a pitcher of margaritas!

We set off tomorrow for our first northeast tour.  We’ll be visiting with family in upstate NY before we head to our first show in Ottawa for the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals Conference on Friday.  You can check out our schedule on our website!  We’re doing a run of 13 shows and we’ll continue to update the blog as internet is available to us.  Thanks to everyone for your messages and encouragement during the Mountain Stage NewSong competition.  The talent was incredible and we come back having learned so much with a hunger to write, write, write!


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