Village Concerts in Palmyra was a great place to spend our Thursday evening.  A few familiar faces, plenty of people to meet for the first time, a delicious vegetarian supper w/chocolate, chocolate cake- we are spoiled Dewdrops.  We so enjoyed playing two sets for these folks and we hope the tradition is continued for many many years.  Thank you Polly for your love of music and bringing it to the area.

We played our first show in Virginia Beach on Saturday night at the Central Public Library, courtesy of the Tidewater Friends of Folk Music- a running non-profit for 37 years!  The auditorium was beautiful and the Bose sound system was even better.  Despite the lack of air flow, it was a really nice evening.  Thanks to Brenda and Tom for taking a chance on us and PLEASE continue to support this great series as they introduce many varieties of music to that area.

It’s 80 degrees right now, rain is in the forecast, we’ve been walking, eating and practicing- all at the beach!  Yes, we were due for a little vacation before things get really busy.  We’ll be back for our shows this weekend…..

Sweet As Honey:

1. Re-connecting with old friends

2. Organic wine and farmer cheese, sea-side

3. Barbara’s homemade cheesecake for breakfast

4. Cowardin OM on its way

5. Brother Jack not swept away by heavy Atlanta rain

6. New t-shirts coming soon

w/ Stasi, Wayne & Monet after VA Beach show!

w/ Stasi, Wayne & Monet after VA Beach show!




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