Loving what we DEW!

Greetings on this beautiful September day!  We had an excellent weekend in Takoma Park, Maryland at the Takoma Park Folk Festival.  It was one of those days where the sun was very warm, but the breeze made it enjoyable.  We played on the ‘7th Heaven Stage’ to a packed tent, joined by our friend Barry Lawson on mandolin.  The festival has enjoyed 32 years of great music and celebration of artists from around the area and we were honored to have been asked.  You can view an article written for the festival here from the Gazette.  Thanks to Scott Holland and staff for all your efforts in keeping this music alive and kicking and for including us in this great event.

Awhile back, we were accepted as southeast regional finalists to the Mountain Stage NewSong competition in which we had a live recording on the website for viewers to see.  However, we did not anticipate that we would then be picked as finalists from the general round to attend a weekend full of networking and musicianship along with a chance to perform on this nationally syndicated radio program that we both love dearly.  Along with 11 other finalists (those who took top honors in their respective regions [6], 2 early-bird finalists and 4 general round finalists- this includes us) we will be in West Virginia October 9th-12th meeting and playing with some of the best songwriters in North America.  What an opportunity!  We will first play our songs in this final round in front of a live audience (no broadcast) at the Charleston Cultural Center on October 10th and then an artist from this bunch of twelve will be chosen for the live broadcast of Mountain Stage on Sunday, October 11th.  If you find yourself in WV this time of year, you can purchase tickets to the October 1oth event here .  Thank you NewSong- we can’t wait.

Singing to the TPFF crowd

Laura singing to the TPFF crowd

Kagey with the crowd at TPFF

Kagey with the crowd at TPFF

Photos courtesy of Barry’s iphone- we don’t have one.

Sweet As Honey:

1. Attending art opening for Uncle Billy P. in Carytown

2. Sunday mornings on the porch w/parents, good coffee and Ella

3. Barry joins in for TPFF set and fun car ride home

4. Thank goodness we can afford Trader Joe’s

5. O/F Matt Flinner Trio in December @ HSC

Coming up:  9/17 -Village Concert in Palmyra, 9/19- VA Beach Public Library presented by Tidewater Friends of Folk Music.

Thanks for joining us- Loving what we DEW, DEWing what we love.


One thought on “Loving what we DEW!

  1. Its so wonderful to read about people loving what they “dew”!! Listening to the news and reading the paper you don’t see or hear that!!! I pray the two of you “dews” will continue to succeed and prosper not only for you, but for those of us that need your uplifting and inspiration!! keep it goin guys!! Love ya’ Jane

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