Charlottesville Pavilion + Hamner Theater = A Blast!

What a pleasure to play the biggest stage in our hometown of Charlottesville- and with the great Jim Waive, no less!  Friday evening turned out to be a beautiful night for music at Fridays After Five on the downtown mall and hundreds gathered in to listen to some great country music.  Our set was short, but sweet- we introduced a new song just written (which is becoming a tradition for this show as we did the same thing last year) and tried to keep things a little more upbeat. Thanks to Warren and the sound crew for their help.

Last year at the Charlottesville Pavilion

Last year at the Charlottesville Pavilion

Saturday evening we played a small theater in Afton, right snug up against the Blue Ridge.  The Hamner Theater is an amazing space that remains intimate, but hosts some amazing musicians and plays.  What an excellent audience!  Amazing food was served and the beverages flowed (including the Honey Dewdrop = bourbon, citrus and honey) and we played two sets to a very gracious crowd.  We introduced a new song that still has yet to be named, played our new song from Friday night at the Pavilion-‘Test of Time’ and brought out a Hazel Dickens’ tune called ‘Won’t You Come and Sing with Me.’  We’ve been practicing hard and writing tons preparing for the next few months of shows.  We couldn’t be happier with the way the weekend went and thanks to everyone for making it a great one for us!  Here are some pics from the Hamner Theater show:

HoneyDewdrops _40_

HoneyDewdrops _18_

HoneyDewdrops _34_

HoneyDewdrops _12_

Please check out our official website and myspace page for upcoming shows in your area.  We will be around central Virginia and Maryland for the next month and then have a tour coming up in mid-October.  Keep it right here for all your updates!


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