Lights out at Rapunzel’s and a BIG surprise.

Hi everyone!  We’re heading into week 2 of being home and loving it!  We spent our Saturday evening at an old stomping ground in Lovingston, VA.  Rapunzel’s is a great venue for the acoustic artist- attentive listeners, delicious coffee and tea and comfy couches to enjoy it all.  This was a special evening of music as we shared the stage with Annie Lynch & the Beekeepers from NYC and Keegan Dewitt.

Annie & the Beekeepers

Annie & the Beekeepers

When we arrived at Rapunzel’s, Sarah and Bob (the owners) informed us they had lost power and should have it back by show time.  Preparing for the worst, candles were spread all over the room and flashlights were on hand.  The ambiance was just beautiful- we were so happy the power never came back on that night.  A chance to play songs without the use of sound equipment is as intimate as a show can get for us.  Thanks to Bob, Sarah, and Gabriel for having us back!

A few months back we found out about a concert happening at the Charlottesville Pavilion that we couldn’t miss.  The Big Surprise Tour featuring  Justin Townes Earle, Felice Brothers, Dave Rawlings Machine, and Old Crow Medicine Show rocked the stage Sunday evening to a HUGE crowd!  It was 97 degrees and we were front and center smashed in with all the other fans and loving it.  We’d never seen the Felice Brothers or Justin Townes Earle but had their records and it’d been 4 years or more since we’d seen the other two acts.  A real treat for us to take a break from performing and watch an amazing show.

The Demijohns w/Jeff & Scott at our wedding.

The Demijohns w/Jeff & Scott at our wedding.

We are so excited to do another house show this weekend.  Our good friends Jeff and Stephanie will be hosting a show for us on Saturday along with our friends the Demijohns– this will undoubtedly lead to some great playing after the concert.  If you live near or around Richmond, VA, please send us an email ( for information on the show!

The Big Surprise Tour

The Big Surprise Tour

Last bit of news- we are in the Mountain Stage NewSong Southeast Regional finals!  There will be a live video (view here) of us playing one of our songs on the website along with 9 others from the region.    Thanks to the NewSong folks for having a listen- we’ll keep you all updated!


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