We heart 3 Penny Acre.

Goofing around with 3PA

Goofing around with 3PA

WE ARE BACK!  Just got in from our travels west on Monday and so happy to be home- even though we already miss life on the road!  It didn’t matter that our lawn had become a jungle or that little tiny critters may have visited the nooks and crannies of our house- we had an amazing time and look forward to the next adventure.

A wonderful way to get back into the swing of things is to do a show in your own little town upon return- and we did just that with our visiting friends from 3 Penny Acre- you may have heard mention of them in this here blog:)  Shannon, Bernice, Bayard, and Bryan stopped through Virginia on their way from Fayetteville, Arkansas heading up and down the southeast to do a show in Scottsville.  Despite their long drive and lack of sleep, these folks were the life of the party.  We played for Scottsville’s Friday’s After 5:45 at the Canal Basin and started out the night with a short set (making up for our torrential rain-out back in May) and then 3PA finished it off with a bang.  What a great night of acoustic music for our hometown!

Bernice the birthday girl in a HDD t-shirt!

Bernice the birthday girl in a HDD t-shirt!

We spent the rest of the evening enjoying cake in celebration of Bernice’s birthday and talk of our travels on the road.  These are the nicest and some of the most talented bunch of people we know- thanks to them for a wonderful first weekend back in town!  We wish them luck on their journey back west.

As we get settled in, we’re already starting some new tunes, listening to a lot of GREAT music we picked up on the road (namely Bill Frisell’s Disfarmer Project, a Mike Marshall & Darol Anger record, Psychograss & M. Ward), practicing yoga and eating a bounty of local veggies.  Yes, life is good.

We want to take a minute to mention Mike Seeger who passed away yesterday.  He has remained our most significant influence the last several years as we’ve been playing music and we are deeply saddened by the loss of this amazing musician.

Our hero Mike Seeger

Our hero Mike Seeger

We have had the great fortune of seeing him live many times and playing a few tunes with him in Lexington.  His contribution to the musical community is enormous- all of our good thoughts and memories are with him.

We play in Lovingston, VA tonight at Rapunzel’s Coffee- one of the first songwriting contests we entered was held at this venue many years ago.  We will be sharing the stage with Annie Lynch & the Beekeepers from Boston.  Come on out and thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “We heart 3 Penny Acre.

  1. I am a native Scottsville girl……..we have followed you for about two years. I think you met my husband Langden at “Friday’s After 5:45.” Although I love all your songs I think “Petals” is the most wonderful song ever written! Beautiful!

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