Far West Fest to Jupiter



Far West Fest in Point Reyes, CA

Far West Fest in Point Reyes, CA


Seaweed fight on Stinson Beach

Seaweed fight on Stinson Beach











Driving down the coast to San Fran

Driving down the coast to San Fran


The only part of the Golden Gate Br. we could see

The only part of the Golden Gate Br. we could see













For those of you who are fans of delicious food, great music and culture- the bay area is the way to go!  Welcome back to our blog everybody.  Since we last saw you here we’ve been in Berkeley, San Francisco, Point Reyes, all parts of Nevada and now are settled into beautiful Jackson, Wyoming.  We will tell you all about our next show after tonight but for now, let’s catch up on our journey through California.

The festival in Point Reyes was a great amount of fun!  We played a short but sweet set around 1pm to a nice big crowd- all very responsive and excited while we were singing.  Jacob sat in on a song with us and then headed over to play with Albino!  We had scrumptious beer made right there in Point Reyes especially for the festival, ate great food (again) and danced to Albino! into the afternoon.  The only downside of the day was the intense sun (no heat of course) so we’re both looking at nice sun-kissed (or some might say burned) faces.  We can’t wait to return to this little festival- thanks to Adrienne for having us!

On Sunday, we played a restaurant/brewery called Jupiter.  It was packed and we had lots of people out just to see our 3 sets.  Again, great food and beer and a lovely atmosphere to play in.  There was some hustle and bustle (the Counting Crows were in town) but a fantastic response to our music!  A big thanks to Jacob for playing the 3 hours with us.

This being my (Laura) first trip to the bay area, there were some classic moments to be had.  We drove along the coast to get back to the city and stopped at Stinson Beach- from the film Basic Instinct- and drove over the Golden Gate Bridge.  The Bay is famous for the fog rolling in and there was no shortage of it for us.  Still, very classic San Francisco.  We played music in Golden Gate park, visited the botanical gardens, sat in a cafe sipping wine and listening to a jazz pianist and singer lull the patrons and had amazing tapas on our last evening.  A perfect way to end our trip.

After a long drive through the desert in Nevada and the Great Salt Lake in Utah, then through the Tetons- we have arrived at our final destination for this tour (classically termed the “don’t get divorced tour” due our being newly weds).  Many more photos to come of our travels through these gorgeous 10,000 foot mountains and our show this evening with gracious hosts Anne & Pete Sibley.  We are so happy you could join us for this blog and can’t wait to share our final adventures!


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