2500 Miles of Elbow Room….

Beautiful Berkeley- we made it!  Across the Mohave Desert and 109 degree temperatures, we traveled these last two days to get to the Golden State.  Oh yes folks, we have arrived to the bay area with 69 degree temperatures and clear skies into the evening until the fog rolls in.  The desert has an infinite beauty of golden grass and sage brush that stretch for miles and miles with no living thing around except you and the highway.  It wasn’t lonesome- we had each other, Dan Tyminski, Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin and Neko Case to keep us company.  Finally, the desert turned into fields of produce- so many fruit and nut trees outside of Bakersfield and crazy trucks carrying mass quantities of tomatoes and then, there was Berkeley.

The Desert

The Desert

Jacob Groopman, Kagey’s best friend since middle school, is our gracious host for the next several days on the coast.  Upon our arrival to Berkeley, we took a drive up to Marin County for a house show that Jacob’s band, Albino!, would be playing.  We walked among the redwoods and had beautiful views of the mountains as well as delicious West African fare, a heated pool and sauna.  This is California living at its best!  We hung out into the evening and arrived back in Berkeley by 4 AM.  After driving 13 hours the day before and not getting much sleep, we were ready to crash.


Jacob & Kagey in the redwood forest

Jacob & Kagey in the redwood forest

Today, we ate the best vegetarian/vegan food yet!  A restaurant called Manzanita (also one of our fav. records-an omen) served up full portions and moderate portions (this is how you order) of fresh kale with a nutritional yeast-based gravy, salad greens, kidney beans with winter squash smothered in sauce, and finally delicious twig tea!  This is right up there with the hearty meal we had in the Ozarks during our stay with Pat and Mattie.

 We are getting ready for Far West Fest this weekend in Point Reyes, CA- some of the most beautiful land on the coast.  We’re re-stringing instruments, jamming in Jacob’s backyard of lemon, plum, and pear trees, and feeling so psyched about the festival.   We’ll see you back here after our shows this weekend (also playing Jupiter on Sunday w/Jacob).  Can’t wait!






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