Arkansas, Kansas City, Arkansas…


Kagey and Bayard of 3PA

Kagey and Bayard of 3PA

Hello everyone!  We’re currently in Kansas City:  Hilly, beautiful, sculptural, and in heavy competition with Rome, Italy to obtain the glory of greatest number of fountains.  Since we last saw you here, we’ve played two house shows, one coffeeshop while enduring 90 plus degree heat, played fetch with Lewis the cat, eaten delicious food, enjoyed great company with new friends and family, and are now taking a little break.  Let’s go back to the beginning:


We arrived in Fayetteville, Arkansas on Thursday afternoon to Juliet and Shane’s.  On Friday, we spent our afternoon relaxing and hanging with J&S’s cat, Lewis, who plays fetch with any balled-up piece of material- ultimately, hours of fun.  Around 4, we played a nice set at Jammin’ Java in town after 3 Penny Acre.  It was hotter than Hades but we enjoyed ourselves.

Lewis- the fetching cat!

Lewis- the fetching cat!

That night, Bryan and Bernice hosted a house concert for us.  It was a great night- many people coming out to listen and enjoy some light refreshments.  We played two sets unplugged for a delightful audience and we can’t wait to host 3 Penny Acre in Scottsville at the beginning of August- Thanks Bryan and Bernice!

Right after Hembree House Concert with Bryan & Bernice

Right after Hembree House Concert with Bryan & Bernice

We headed to Kansas City on Saturday after our fill of homemade cinnamon biscuits, coffee, and some cucumbers for the road.  We’ve finally gotten into podcasts- listening to Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver live on NPR, short stories from The New Yorker, and a great interview with Jonathan Byrd on Austin Connections.  What a nice way to pass the time while on the road!


Our near and dear friend and also the artist of the print on the cover of our CD is from Kansas City.  We met JJ’s family  while they were visiting in Farmville, Virginia and have since been discussing the possibility of a house concert in their home.  This idea became realized last night as the Eisfelder’s (a fun tidbit: means “field of ice” in German) hosted our show in their beautiful back yard in front of friends, neighbors, and close relatives.  We played for an hour looking out on their yard to many smiling faces and then enjoyed feast and merriment afterward.  



Eisfelder House Concert

Eisfelder House Concert

Today we traveled to Lawrence and visited with JJ’s brother Jake and his wife Mary Margaret.  We ate and drank at Free State, the best brewery we’ve been to yet, and walked around downtown Lawrence.  We also did some drooling in Mass. Street Music over a few Collings’ mandolins.  Not a bad way to wind down the day.  


Feeling blessed to know such a great family and our palettes very satisfied from great mid-western fare.  We are ready to take on the wild west in the next 3 weeks.  Back to Arkansas on Friday for one more house show.  Until then….YOU are amazing for having read this entire blog.  Good night!


One thought on “Arkansas, Kansas City, Arkansas…

  1. Loved reading every bit of it and just can’t wait for the next!! By the way if you guys get tired of pickin and singin you can always just sit down WRITE!! Unreal talent you both have!! Love Ya’ Jane

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