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The day we met Pat and Mattie!

The day we met Pat and Mattie!



Hi all!  It’s been awhile since our last post in Memphis- we’ve been on the road with limited access to the internet.  We are currently in Fayetteville, Arkansas visiting with good friends Juliet and Shane.  Since we last saw you here, we played a great show at Java Cabana in Memphis, traveled to our dear friends, Pat and Mattie’s, house in the Ozarks, played a show at Studio Joe’s in Little Rock and now find ourselves relaxing with several animals, a good book and our blog here.  Let us catch you up:

Java Cabana:  Amongst the cool crowd of Memphis is a neighborhood where mom and pop shops are a-plenty and vegetarian food is the choice fare (good for us:).  We played a very tiny, but delicious coffeeshop on Sunday evening to the hip crowd of the Cooper-Young neighborhood as well as some friends we’d met during our Collierville Jam from Friday night.  We used a PA system from the 60’s which probably worked better than our own and sang our songs to some very lovely and supportive people.  Our new and dear friend Betty Westmoreland, who came out that night, says this:   “The large crowd of musicians and fans at the [Collierville] square had such a great time listening to the Honey Dewdrops, who jumped right into a number of jam groups. What terrific performers they are!”  Thanks Betty!

From Left: Mattie w/June Sadie and her friend Roselyn w/Zane

The next day, after our long stay in Memphis, we drove to the Ozarks where Pat Villines and Mattie Speece are living off the grid in a house built by their own bare hands with materials from the area.  They are also expecting a baby girl in a month: June Sadie:)  We have become quite close since our days on A Prairie Home Companion and love our visits with them.  We happened to come by for their first garden harvest of the year.  Lunches included fresh kale, tomatoes, beet soup, avocado/tomato sandwiches with fried squash and pickles- mmm, mmm!  We went for a swim in the Buffalo National River (the cleanest in the world, we are told), sang songs and listened to each others’ newly written tunes, and laughed until the cows came home!  Thanks Mat and Pat for always being wonderful hosts.


On Pat and Mattie's Porch

On Pat and Mattie's Porch



Last night, we played our first show in Little Rock- Studio Joe’s.  What a cool venue!  A coffeeshop/bar with comfy couches (some made from bathtubs) and chairs as well as the best sound system we’ve played through yet- Bose!  Our show will be broadcast on the local NPR station in a few weeks and we will make sure to post the link so that you can stream it on your computer!  Thanks Studio Joe, especially Margaret and David.

Ah, now relaxing and breathing.  Taking some advantage of a fast internet connection too.  We play two shows in Fayetteville tomorrow- Jammin’ Java at 4pm with our friends Bryan and Bernice Hembree of 3 Penny Acre (who will also be playing in our town of Scottsville in August) and then a house concert hosted by the Hembrees at 8pm.  Up first, dinner and hangout time with good friends Juliet and Shane- catch you on the flip side folks! 


Another awesome cat- Gilbert in mid-yawn

Another awesome cat- Gilbert in mid-yawn


One thought on “Arkansas Travelers

  1. Greetings Dew Drops! I am oh so jealous of all the good times and good pickin’ ya’ll are enjoying. Glad to hear “the tour” is going well. We are thinking about ya’ll back in Virginny, and are planning the house concert. Steph and I are talking about doing a song or two in between ya’lls sets and I think I’ve got Dave and Barry talked into doing a little after show picking to keep the crowd (hopefully) there while ya’ll are selling your CDs.
    Take care,

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