That’s how I got to Memphis.

Greetings from the home of the Blues: Memphis!  We arrived Thursday evening to our lovely accommodations in the hip, Cooper-Young neighborhood where the living is somewhat cheap and chores are a must every day we stay.  This is hostel living at its best.  The facilities are great and lovely restaurants and shops are just a walk away- we had some delicious thai food our first evening per the suggestion of our hostel host.


"G" chord with a smile- after our jammin' in Collierville

"G" chord with a smile- after our jammin' in Collierville

Today, we played at the Center for Southern Folklore on the pedestrian strip of Main Street.  We expected a very small turnout, this being the weekend of the 4th of July, but were surprised to have a good sized, lively crowd.  Every Thursday and Friday the center hosts musicians for what they call their “Brown Bag Lunch Series.”  We played in their storefront, called the Folklore Store:  a small shop made up of brilliantly colored Folk Art paintings and knick-knacks.  Folks brought their lunches, had cornbread and greens with homemade cobbler and Italian sodas and listened attentively to us for an hour- it was lovely.


Kagey, Don & Faith playing tunes

Kagey, Don & Faith playing tunes

A chance meeting with a couple at the Folklore Store brought us to Collierville for the evening.  Don and Faith invited us into their home for some delicious squash casserole with veggies and some chicken (for those meateaters:).  After supper we spent some time drooling over Don’s collection of instruments and playing a few tunes by which time we were off to the “square” in Collierville for a little pickin’ and grinnin’.  We expected a small circle of folks playing bluegrass music with a few spectators, but what we came upon was an entire village of people milling around, watching the various gatherings of musicians in this park.  There were the old-timey pickers by the benches, the bluegrassers by the parked cars, the folksters over by the gazebo- it was incredible and we had a great time making our way around to a few of the groups to join in for some tunes.  Thanks to Don and Faith for a GREAT time outside of Memphis!

We get to experience the city for Independence Day!  No plans so far  but with the way things have been going- we never know who we might meet or play music with.  The road is treating us well, thus far!  Java Cabana Sunday night and than off to Arkansas- the natural state.


Kagey at the hostel while working on the blog

Kagey at the hostel while working on the blog


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