Cha cha cha Chattanooga and brotherly love!

It was a 3 1/2 hour drive to Chattanooga from Johnson City.  We kept busy in the car working on songs, discussing our fall tour up in the northeast and watching the big motorcycle gangs weave in and out of traffic.  


The Peacemakers riding on I-40 west

The Peacemakers riding on I-40 west

We arrived in Chattanooga to 97 degree heat and an even bigger percentage humidity level.  Fortunately, we were accommodated by the venue for the evening- a hotel with a/c, yes!  

Our show at Charles and Myrtles’ Coffeehouse has been the best yet.  This venue has some great acts come through to play their Saturday evening concert series which is held inside of a Unitarian Church.  Andrew, who is in charge of their booking, is as warm and friendly as the venue itself- we felt right at home upon our arrival.  We played our songs without the use of a PA because it was such an intimate room.  We talked with the audience in-between songs and got to know them as we continued our journey through the sets.  We had planned on pushing through the evening, playing for 2 hours, but were encouraged to take a break so that everyone could get their coffee and delectable cookies, made by Andrew, before we continued our music.  A great night had by all!

Charles and Myrtles' Coffeehouse in Chattanooga, TN

Charles and Myrtles' Coffeehouse in Chattanooga, TN

On Sunday, we went back to the church and played a few songs for the congregation.  We just love gospel music and wanted to share the songs that we play with our new friends.  We had everyone in the room singing along to Ain’t No Grave– a song we cover recorded by the Cooke Duet.  It was an amazing experience to have 40 people singing along to our music.

We left Chattanooga on a high note and headed to Atlanta so that we could visit with Kagey’s brother, Jack.  We are here for the next few days, reenergizing from being on the road.  We plan on doing an open mic at Eddie’s Attic tonight, seeing Food Inc., spending quality time with Jack and cousin Megan and her husband Scott, and eating really well.

Here’s to sustenance, good sleep, and many hallelujah’s for that air-conditioner.  See you in a few days, in Memphis!


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