West Asheville Turnaround & Saluda NC


40 East

40 East

DSC01008DSC01004Driving east towards Asheville on 40 is a great winding blur through the mountains in Pisgah National Forest. You kind of curve down through the mountains, roll through tunnels, and admire the many scary signs with cartoons of trucks tipped over. Take caution in the winter, but yesterday the sun was out, 85 degrees, and everything was bright green. What a drive!

After a brief stop in A’ville for some lunch at Rosetta’s, we headed down 26 to the Purple Onion Cafe in Saluda. Put this place on your list because it features great live music and very tasty food. Proprietors Sue and Stoney are amazing folks and made us feel very welcome. Thanks to everyone who came out and listened last night, we had a blast!

We’ve met a lot of great people so far and have had the best time getting to know them, sharing a meals, conversations, their houses! Thanks so much to Christine, Catherine, Autumn, and Casey who hosted us Thurs. night in west Asheville. We’ve been able to get to know the towns we’ve traveled through as many kind people have shared their stories and experiences about their towns. Of particular interest and much pleasure has been inside info on the tastiest food to be had (did we mention we like food?). If you’re ever in Asheville go to Sunny Point on Haywood – feeling delightfully rejuvenated after a great breakfast there, ahhh, time for a nap.

For those wondering:) our website is here and you can find our tour schedule on the “shows” page.  Thanks!


One thought on “West Asheville Turnaround & Saluda NC

  1. Post your tour schedule, or a link to your website! We are still planning to host a house concert for you this Fall, let us know some dates. I have a whole host of friends in Farmville who would like to come see you play.

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